VerneMQ features

VerneMQ feature overview

VerneMQ implements the full MQTT 3.1, 3.1.1 and 5.0 specifications. The current list of core features include:

  • QoS 0, QoS 1, QoS 2 levels
  • File-based Authentication and Authorization [docs]
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis & MongoDB Authentication and Authorization [docs]
  • Bridge Support [docs]
  • $SYS Tree for monitoring and reporting [docs]
  • TLS (SSL) Encryption [docs]
  • Websockets Support [docs]
  • Cluster Support [docs]
  • Logging (Console, Files, Syslog) [docs]
  • Reporting to Graphite [docs]
  • Reporting to Prometheus [docs]
  • Extensible Plugin architecture [docs]
  • Shared Subscriptions [docs]
  • Multiple Sessions per ClientId [docs]
  • Session Balancing [docs]
  • Message load regulation [docs]
  • Message load shedding (for system protection) [docs]
  • Offline Message Storage (based on LevelDB)
  • Queue can handle messages FIFO or LIFO style. [docs]
  • PROXY v2 Protocol [docs]
  • Lua plugin scripting support [docs]
  • Webhooks [docs]
  • HTTP Administration API [docs]