Download VerneMQ

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Download the binary package

Find our prebuilt packages for the latest version of VerneMQ (1.6.2) below. Please download the proper package for your operating system and architecture.

For older builds check out the release archive.

Notice a nightly build with the name vernemq_1.5.0-127-ge130553-1_amd64.deb means it is the commit with hash e130553 and it is based on the 1.5.0 release and will at some point be released as either 1.6.0 or 1.5.1.

Building VerneMQ from sources

To build VerneMQ you will need to have a recent Erlang version installed. If you don't find Erlang on your system, please follow the guide Download Erlang OTP from Erlang Solutions. If you prefer to build Erlang yourself, get the sources from or with a great tool named Kerl.

VerneMQ depends on source code located in multiple Git repositories. Please make sure that git is installed on the target system.

The following instructions generate a complete, self-contained build of VerneMQ in $VERNEMQ/_build/default/rel/vernemq where $VERNEMQ is the location of the unpacked or cloned source repository.

Clone the repository using Git and build a release:

git clone git://
cd vernemq
make rel

VerneMQ is built for Linux, but also runs on Mac OS X. It doesn't currently support Windows, due to the LevelDB code.

Next Steps: If you downloaded one of the binary packages please follow the Installation Guide. If you built VerneMQ from source you can head directly to the Getting Started Guide.

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