A clear forward path for your projects!

A clear forward path for your projects

An attractive starter package

When you are evaluating IoT message brokers for your project, there is one thing you don't want to encounter: limitations in any form. You must be able to run a broker on an unlimited number of nodes and concurrent connections for an unlimited time. How can you build trust otherwise? VerneMQ gives you exactly that.

If your deployment is "pre-production", we can give you an attractive support package that includes assistance with setting up the infrastructure and testing your use case.

Time to market advantage

Learn to operate VerneMQ clusters while your project is still in the Lab. Get an idea which load scenarios require which deployments. Go forward knowing that your messaging component is done and operational. Our starter package will let you quickly solve any remaining questions.

Commercial Support for any phase of your project

A pre-production project and a production deployment are two different worlds. We know that and customize our support packages to give you the most value in both worlds. On the path from idea to industrial deployment, you may need different questions answered, and you need different response times and quality of service. Let us show you that VerneMQ holds up to its reputation for any phase of your project.

Flexible plugin and integration options

VerneMQ has a simple, well documented way to write custom plugins. Using the "Diversity" plugin, you can even write complete plugins as Lua scripts. And we'll extend the range of freely available plugins over time. And if you just need reliable and performant MQTT messaging, chances are you won't have any further integration headaches.