70M offline messages... What?


When working on the 1.9.0 release an IoT company contacted us to help them improve their VerneMQ setup. The customer wanted to use VerneMQ as a highly available buffer to store incoming messages. That way their consumer applications can be offline ...

VerneMQ 1.9.0 release highlights

The 1.9.0 release brings some interesting improvements as well as a bunch of bug fixes and new features.

Performance improvements

One of the most exciting aspects of the 1.9.0 VerneMQ release is the optimizations done in the built-in message-store ...

VerneMQ 1.8.0 release highlights

Here's a quick overview on some of the highlights in VerneMQ Release 1.8. This is a minor release which means (as a reminder to folks outside of software development) that there are bug fixes and new features, but no breaking changes.

Improvements ...

VerneMQ 1.7.0 release highlights

In this post we'd like to highlight some of the new features and improvements we implemented in VerneMQ 1.7 which we released last week.

Next generation metadata replication

We now ship the vmq_swc (Server-Wide Clocks) metadata plugin with VerneMQ ...

Taking VerneMQ replication to the next level

TL;DR: VerneMQ now ships with a new metadata store based on the Server Wide Clocks framework which considerably improves replication performance in terms of processing power and bandwidth usage as well as supporting real distributed deletes.

Over ...

Is MQTT 5 worth the trouble?

In this first blog post on MQTT 5 we'll take a look at the features of the new protocol version and consider the costs of moving to it.

The MQTT version 5 was released about 6 months ago and a lot of people have been blogging and tweeting and talking ...

VerneMQ and MQTT-SN

From time to time (though not very often) we get asked if VerneMQ supports the MQTT-SN protocol and the reply was always something like: "No, VerneMQ doesn't support MQTT-SN as there's just not enough demand for it".

That's of course annoying for ...

VerneMQ 1.0, "Earth to Moon".

Today, the VerneMQ Mission reaches an important milestone: The 1.0 release.

Building a VerneMQ plugin with Elixir

So, you're an Elixir developer who are in need of the power and scalability of MQTT alongside your existing backend infrastructure? Have you started thinking about implementing your own MQTT broker in Elixir? If that's the case you can drop what you're doing and instead use VerneMQ.

Load testing VerneMQ, the basics

This is the first post of a series on MQTT benchmarking. We'll only cover the basics here, but this will already show you that you can run pretty complex test scenarios very easily. If you use the right tools, that is.