The VerneMQ Mission

The most scalable and robust MQTT Message Broker for IoT, M2M, Mobile, and Web Applications.

What is VerneMQ

VerneMQ is a high-performance, distributed MQTT message broker. It scales horizontally and vertically on commodity hardware to support a high number of concurrent publishers and consumers while maintaining low latency and fault tolerance. VerneMQ is the reliable message hub for your IoT platform or smart products.

The intro and getting started guide is the perfect place to learn more about VerneMQ.

What is MQTT

MQTT is an open industry standard (developed by OASIS), specifying a light weight publish-subscribe messaging protocol. It is perfect for large-scale Internet of Things applications and high performance mobile messaging.

The MQTT primer gives a simple and approachable introduction to MQTT and related technologies.

VerneMQ - The Big Picture

VerneMQ is perfect for ...

Mobile Messaging

Develop mobile messaging services with a much smaller overhead than XMPP. Open up new mobile use cases with low-latency bi-directional communication.

Connecting IoT Field Devices

Monitor and control all devices you have out there in the field. Connect them to your data centers, backend services and smartphone apps. You can trust VerneMQ to hold it all together.

Smart Infrastructure

Cities, Homes, Transportation. Mobile assets. From a small lab project to a successful industrial deployment of your solution: VerneMQ will handle your messages.

Your Use Case?

If you'd like to check if VerneMQ is suitable for your scenario, ask us anytime!

Why choose VerneMQ?

Low entry and exit risk:

  • It's open source. Unrestricted commercial re-use
  • No upfront investment
  • Stay in control, on premise or cloud
  • No vendor or license lock-in

A clear forward path for your projects:

  • Attractive starter package
  • Time to market advantage
  • Support and SLAs for any phase of your project
  • Flexible plugin & integration options

Battle-tested telecom technology:

  • Scale to millions of clients painlessly
  • Carrier grade reliability
  • Cluster operations & monitoring made easy
  • Lower TCO compared to messaging PaaS

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