VerneMQ Benefits
Low Entry and Exit Risks

Low entry and exit risk

Is there any risk in adopting (or opting out of) VerneMQ as a messaging infrastructure for your IoT application?

Unrestricted commercial re-use

VerneMQ is an open source, Apache 2 licensed IoT broker. This has two immediate benefits, if you are looking to integrate a message broker into your platform or project:

  • VerneMQ is 100% open and free to commercial modification and re-use
  • You are protected from any patent claims from the VerneMQ project or any contributors to it.

No upfront investment

There is no VerneMQ trial with limited functionality for a limited amount of time. In fact, there is no trial at all. You can test, load, and operate VerneMQ for as long as your want to see if it meets your requirements.

What if?

We hope you'll never come to the point where you'll consider switching away from VerneMQ. But what if?

We take MQTT standardization and broker interoperability very seriously. Therefore your project, assuming no non-standard features are in use, should be able to run on any other broker that correctly implements the full MQTT specification.

Chances are you have invested in some integration plugin, maybe for custom authentication and authorization. This is sunk cost, of course. But it's something you'll probably have to face with any messaging solution.