The Story

The Erlio GmbH is a Swiss company founded by André Fatton and André Graf back in 2012 with the aim to bring more color to the gray Software landscape of Switzerland. Since then the team has been doing consulting for enterprise customers in the telecom and energy sector and designed, developed and deployed large scale messaging applications. The takeaways, insights and lessons learned from the collaboration with these customers has brought into a unique position to understand and transform the businesses of their customers and bring them into the Industry 4.0 era. To achieve this they set out to build the most scalable, robust and versatile messaging platform available: VerneMQ.

Some Customers and VerneMQ Users

Meet the Mission Engineers

André Fatton

Born in Biel/Bienne, university education in mathematics and computer science, degree in philosophy and music. Non academic and down to earth, I'm interested in people and their ideas above all. Interested in small, big and open data, and functional programming. Worked in databases, system administration, the music business and journalism.

André Graf

My career started as a business guy always being curious about the internals of computers and software. Soon after graduating commercial college I switched sectors and started to study computer science. Besides of owning a company I am interested in distributed systems research, programming languages, live concerts, and surfing.

Lars Hesel Christensen

Lars has more than 15 years of experience developing successful systems for various industries such as telecoms, reinsurance and banks. In 2010 he came across Erlang and was immediately hooked and has since focused on building and studying large scale, distributed systems. He likes his code clean and the tests green. In his spare time he likes to go rock climbing.

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