Octavo Labs, the company behind VerneMQ
Meet the Mission Engineers

Who are we?

Octavo Labs AG is the successor company of Erlio GmbH, the company that invented VerneMQ.

Our mission is to further develop, maintain, and support the open source messaging solution VerneMQ, scaling it to the unprecedented dimensions of big IoT use cases. Octavo Labs strives to be a key partner for every step of a customer's VerneMQ project, from early architecture consulting and custom developments to large scale benchmarks and long-term support.


The founding team with its highly technical and analytical skills has been a key provider and partner in various consulting and development projects. It was from those stories, experiences and lessons learned that VerneMQ was born. Today, VerneMQ is in use all over the globe with a wide variety of different use cases and deployment scenarios, from small startup companies aiming to disrupt markets, to big enterprises transforming and modernizing their traditional businesses.


Teserakt AG offers end-to-end encryption and key management software solution for IoT and M2M.

Edge5 AG develops individual software in the areas of IoT / M2M / Mobile.

DeviceTools AG offers turnkey industry 4.0 and smart factory solutions.

AppModule AG develops client/server applications for mobile phones for all the major mobile platforms.

Cybus GmbH offers manufacturing companies the “Cybus Connectware” software solution to implement their multiple Smart Factory use cases with any machine and any application.

Some Customers and VerneMQ Users