Battle-tested Telecom Technology!

Battle-tested telecom technology

Carrier grade reliability

VerneMQ is built on OTP, the open telecom platform originally developed by Ericsson. The OTP is specifically designed for soft-realtime, distributed control and messaging applications. It has the most powerful support on earth for distribution and concurrency, and building systems that are protected against hardware and software failure. OTP runs an estimates 40% of the world's mobile data traffic on Ericssons switches. OTP proposes a clean architecture model for distributed applications and procedures for OAM (operation and maintainance). You bet we leverage this for VerneMQ!

Scale to millions of clients

Erlang/OTP has made itself a name for its scalability with a number of success stories outside of telecom (like Whatsapp). This scalability is a direct consequence of Erlang's very principles for fault-isolation and fault-tolerance. It can't be easily copied in other systems.

The number of concurrent clients you can connect to a VerneMQ node is only limited by the underlying hardware (Number of CPUs and RAM). You can easily add nodes to a VerneMQ cluster to scale this number horizontally.

Cluster operations & monitoring made easy

With it's built-in extensible metrics system, VerneMQ is ready to be integrated into your monitoring solutions. VerneMQs sophisticated command interface allows you cluster-wide instant live reconfiguration.

The point here is: we focus on production tooling and enterprise operations. For a system administrator most of the things should be easy. Operational peace of mind.

Lower TCO compared to messaging PaaS

VerneMQ's total cost of ownership compares very favourably to any other MQTT solution. We think you can figure this out yourself, just go to any one of the big IoT messaging PaaS and have a quick look what 10k messages/second would cost you.