Are VerneMQ and MQTT suitable for my project?
Here you'll find out.

What is VerneMQ?

VerneMQ is first and foremost a MQTT publish/subscribe message broker which implements the OASIS industry standard MQTT protocol. But VerneMQ is also built to take messaging and IoT applications to the next level by providing a unique set of features related to scalability, reliability and high-performance as well as operational simplicity.

To achieve these goals VerneMQ is designed from the ground up to work as a distributed message broker, ensuring continued operation in the event of node or network failures and easy horizontal scalability. The underlying technology is a proven telecom grade technology stack providing a rock solid foundation for systems that must be in continuous operation around the clock. It's also able to make efficient use of all available resources as a basis for easy vertical scalability.

VerneMQ uses a master-less clustering technology. There are no special nodes like masters or slaves to consider when the inevitable infrastructure changes or maintenance windows require adding or removing nodes. This makes operating the cluster safe and simple.

In the following chapters and sections we take a closer look at why VerneMQ may be a good choice, what MQTT is all about and why it may serve your use case, and finally how to get started developing with MQTT and VerneMQ.

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