VerneMQ End User License Agreement

Sustainable Open Source Software

As of VerneMQ 1.10.0, our software distribution packages, such as the official OS packages and Docker images, are governed by the VerneMQ EULA. You may only use the official VerneMQ packages if you accept the VerneMQ EULA. VerneMQ itself is still a 100% open source. (Glad you asked! ;) You can view the EULA here:

Summarized, the EULA allows the non-commercial or experimental use of the VerneMQ packages. For commercial use of the software distribution packages, you have to obtain a license.

You can find more information about the VerneMQ installation process here.


The official VerneMQ software distribution packages are built by the experts who maintain and evolve VerneMQ itself. We have the knowledge to test and optimize for the target operating systems as well as the expertise to tweak the underlying Erlang Virtual Machine for best performance. We are committed to offering you the best verified and standardized VerneMQ release packages that exist, enabling faster and better support. You will benefit from all the official VerneMQ releases during the term of the subscription according to our release schedule. You’ll be able to upgrade quickly and safely whenever you like. You are not forced to upgrade if you don’t want to, of course.

In short:

  • Operate VerneMQ reliably using our tested and optimized official packages.
  • Upgrade quickly and safely (without being forced to upgrade if you don’t want to) during the term of the subscription.
  • Focus on what you do best, instead of building and maintaining VerneMQ packages yourself.
  • Benefit from faster and better support from us when needed.

The VerneMQ EULA makes it possible, without hassle, to use VerneMQ easily for non-commercial or experimental purposes for free and the users who want to use the official VerneMQ packages for commercial purposes will be directly supporting the VerneMQ Open Source project.

We firmly believe that developing VerneMQ in the open and being Open Source is the best way to collaborate with the community and customers, and the best way to keep a project like VerneMQ innovative and the best MQTT broker in the industry.

What does this mean?

The VerneMQ EULA applies to the VerneMQ software distribution packages, which means all the official OS packages such as the packages for Debian or RedHat and others, as well as the Docker Images provided by Octavo Labs.

If you're using VerneMQ for non-commercial purposes, you can continue using the software distributions as usual. If you're a VerneMQ user with an existing support contract with Octavo Labs AG, you do not have to do anything.

New commercial users have three options:

  • Get in touch with us to obtain a license for the commercial software distribution.
  • Keep using an older VerneMQ software distribution where the EULA does not apply.
  • Build software distribution packages from the VerneMQ source yourself.

If you have any doubts or questions, please get in touch.


Can I still use VerneMQ commercially?

Yes. You can either obtain a license to use the VerneMQ software distributions from Octavo Labs AG or build VerneMQ from the source and create a distribution yourself.

Is VerneMQ still Open Source?

Yes, VerneMQ is still Open Source and is licensed under the Apache License Version 2 as it has always been.

Does the EULA apply to the Docker images?

Yes, the EULA applies to the docker images in our official Docker repository in the same way.

What will the cost be?

A per-node, low-cost yearly license fee. Tell us the number of nodes you operate, and we’ll get back to you. The whole process is fast and easy.

Does the license come with support services included?

The package license fee does not include a support subscription. But of course, we can offer you support subscriptions also.