The Price of Open Source Software

We believe in open source and therefore VerneMQ has been released under the business friendly Apache 2 license. As a result the source code of VerneMQ is publicly available on our GitHub repository and binary packages are ready to be downloaded and installed. As a further consequence you can use and/or modify the software for free.
Yes, you've heard correctly, no license costs apply!

How do we earn money?

As with every software (open source as well as proprietary) you usually require assistance during evaluation, customization, and operations. Those are the areas where we offer our business services.


We organize workshops and offer our research services to figure out if MQTT and VerneMQ are the right tools for the job. Moreover, we have the testing gears to simulate the MQTT traffic your project might be facing.


VerneMQ comes with a bunch of plugins. However, quite often a production deployment requires a specific integration with e.g. a third party database or BI system. Our team can implement your plugin or customization very efficiently.


We strive to make clustering and operating MQTT at scale as simple as possible. However, for the unexpected cases where you want to reach out to our engineering team, we recommend to get in touch for our different support contract offerings.

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