VerneMQ 1.9.0 release highlights

The 1.9.0 release brings some interesting improvements as well as a bunch of bug fixes and new features.

Performance improvements

One of the most exciting aspects of the 1.9.0 VerneMQ release is the optimizations done in the built-in message-store ...

VerneMQ 1.8.0 release highlights

Here's a quick overview on some of the highlights in VerneMQ Release 1.8. This is a minor release which means (as a reminder to folks outside of software development) that there are bug fixes and new features, but no breaking changes.

Improvements ...

VerneMQ 1.7.0 release highlights

In this post we'd like to highlight some of the new features and improvements we implemented in VerneMQ 1.7 which we released last week.

Next generation metadata replication

We now ship the vmq_swc (Server-Wide Clocks) metadata plugin with VerneMQ ...