Starting VerneMQ

To start a VerneMQ broker, use the vernemq start command in your Shell:

vernemq start

A successful start will return no output. If there is a problem starting the broker, an error message is printed to STDERR.

To run VerneMQ with an attached interactive Erlang console:

vernemq console

A VerneMQ broker is typically started in console mode for debugging or troubleshooting purposes. Note that if you start VerneMQ in this manner, it is running as a foreground process that will exit when the console is closed.

You can close the console by issuing this command at the Erlang prompt:


Once your broker has started, you can initially check that it is running with the vernemq ping command:

vernemq ping

The command will respond with pong if the broker is running or Node <NodeName> not responding to pings in case it’s not.